Monday, September 19, 2005

Exciting Times

This weekend was quite hectic and scary. We started the weekend in the emergency room of Inova Fair Oaks Hospital after Claudia fell off of a swing after school and got a wood chip stuck in her cheek. The hole is pretty small and she still looks beautiful. It took several hours to get her checked out though. And of course, it was pizza and movie night. I don't think Art has ordered a pizza since the late 1990s so he was a little at a loss. We finally got it resolved (can you believe he doesn't know Domino's number by heart?!) and pizza was delivered to Garrett's great relief.

On Saturday we went to a friend's 40th birthday party--with a 1940s theme. After much stressing out about what to wear and how to fix your hair (that was me, not Art), then we got to stress about the jitterbug class they had a the start of the party. The birthday girl made no secret of the fact that she expected to dance the night away--and not alone. To ply us she brought a case of champagne and other goodies. We actually had a very good time although my feet were starting to hurt from all the dancing. Art has concluded that it is best to not have too many Irish girls in one room (he called them 'eens), especially when the bartender wanders away from his post. And for the record, that was Kathleen with the champagne bottles, not me.

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