Monday, September 25, 2006

Most Novelists Look Like This

See the happy woman typing away. That's what it is like to write a book. You just sit in a well-lit place in your perky author outfit and type and type and type until one of your arms cramps up (usually the right one).

She doesn't even need a glass of red wine to accompany her noveling. Or to make a date with her husband just to have a little adult interaction. She's an amazing novel-writing machine.

Here in the real world: The novel has passed 12,000 words, but I am behind on my word count so far this week. Thanks goodness they haven't started showing new episodes of Medium yet. Phew. I am supposed to have 16,000 words by Wednesday. By October 4, I will at 20,000--that's the half way point.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I'd Rather Be...Noveling?

What you have heard is true. I did sign up for a class called "Writing Short Novels." Yes, I will need to have completed a short novel by
Thanksgiving. Yes, it is a completely new project for me. I recently sat down with myself (the reporter) to discuss the project.

Me: So, how long is this novel supposed to be?

Me: 40,000 words, which is kind of short. We are to write 4,000 words a week--and the teacher checks it. After 10 weeks, we should have 40,000 or more.

Me: The teacher checks it?

Me: Yep, part of the syllabus is that you keep your novel backed up on a flash drive. I already had a flash drive. Now I have an excuse to wear it. Our teacher, the novelist Mary Kay Zuravleff, even brought in beads and silk cords to decorate the drives. I used my own beads from home. She wants to make sure no one falls behind or no one's dog eats their novel.

Me: So you started a whole new book?

Me: Yes, actually I was really torn. I actually have three ideas that are vying for my attention. Four even. I settled on this one for superstitious reasons, which I will keep to myself until it is done.

Me: Is there anything that you can tell us about it?

Me: Well, it is set in 1978. That was something Mary Kay suggested to another student, but it intrigued me. So I have been stocking up my iTunes with music from the 1970s: Old Springsteen, Heart, Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac... I haven't been able to located any Benatar on CD yet.

Me: How's the writing going?

Me: Surprisingly well. The novel is only about 25 pages long so far so it hasn't had the opportunity to spin out of control yet.

Me: Can we check back with you in the future?

Me: I would be insulted if you didn't.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Our cousin Jorja is in town for a visit and the kids are very excited to see her. The first day of school went well, except Garrett decided he would rather pack his lunch today. Not a big fan of the school cafeteria. He did say that the chocolate milk wasn't bad. The best part of yesterday was that it was a "free" day, which apparently means they weren't expected to learn a thing.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Day of School

Everyone got off to school ok despite the constant rain. The bus driver was late so we had lots of time to ponder what the new day was going to be like. Garrett seemed very calm, but admitted to one of our neighbors at the bus stop that he was still scared. We took pictures inside. We will try to get a shot of the group when the weather improves.