Sunday, September 10, 2006

I'd Rather Be...Noveling?

What you have heard is true. I did sign up for a class called "Writing Short Novels." Yes, I will need to have completed a short novel by
Thanksgiving. Yes, it is a completely new project for me. I recently sat down with myself (the reporter) to discuss the project.

Me: So, how long is this novel supposed to be?

Me: 40,000 words, which is kind of short. We are to write 4,000 words a week--and the teacher checks it. After 10 weeks, we should have 40,000 or more.

Me: The teacher checks it?

Me: Yep, part of the syllabus is that you keep your novel backed up on a flash drive. I already had a flash drive. Now I have an excuse to wear it. Our teacher, the novelist Mary Kay Zuravleff, even brought in beads and silk cords to decorate the drives. I used my own beads from home. She wants to make sure no one falls behind or no one's dog eats their novel.

Me: So you started a whole new book?

Me: Yes, actually I was really torn. I actually have three ideas that are vying for my attention. Four even. I settled on this one for superstitious reasons, which I will keep to myself until it is done.

Me: Is there anything that you can tell us about it?

Me: Well, it is set in 1978. That was something Mary Kay suggested to another student, but it intrigued me. So I have been stocking up my iTunes with music from the 1970s: Old Springsteen, Heart, Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac... I haven't been able to located any Benatar on CD yet.

Me: How's the writing going?

Me: Surprisingly well. The novel is only about 25 pages long so far so it hasn't had the opportunity to spin out of control yet.

Me: Can we check back with you in the future?

Me: I would be insulted if you didn't.

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