Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dressed to Drill

Home improvements are cranking at our house. The finished basement has to be ready for football season or so we hear. As a result, we have increased our supply of bandages. They are going like hotcakes.

Down on the Farm

Claudia did not need to touch the goat yesterday, but she did seem interested in milking a cow today. We will see how it goes. She is looking forward to the hayride and playing in the creek later this week. They are also making dream catchers, which we hope Claudia will in turn show the family how to do.

Tonight: We are determined to go to the pool. Last night was yet another weeknight we were turned away for thunder they allegedly heard. We are showing up again tonight. Life guards and storm clouds, beware.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Goat Milking?

Claudia is down on the farm this week. Today: Goat milking. She made a slight face when she heard what today's festivities included, but she cheered up when she heard they would be making their own ice cream to eat this afternoon (not with the goat's milk). We will see how our chic daughter fares on the farm.

Toothless on Meath Drive

That old tooth fairy is back. Garrett has jumped into the tooth-losing game and received a dollar for his efforts. It took him three days to be willing to give the tooth up for potential profit. The fairy left a dollar--on time this time, but alas she was still a little sloppy on the delivery. Garrett insists he heard something and saw her wings. Hopefully she will improve as Mr. G has another loose tooth and Claudia has two loose front teeth. It is getting costly.