Tuesday, April 17, 2007

That's My Boy

They just keep showing Andrew over and over again on MSNBC and NBC.
Andrew said he was taking an exam when the first shootings occurred and showed up at the rescue squad after the exam and was put to work. He handled a number of gunshot wounds Monday (his first), but no one critical. For a while he was the only EMT working the treatment area and got to triage the patients and decide who got on the ambulances in what order based on their injuries. He did go inside the Norris Hall, but fortunately, there were others available to help with that so he was able to return to the treatment area. He said it was "bad" inside the building.
Now he says it is just very quiet at the squad, and everyone is just trying to deal with it in their own way. He sounded good and doesn't think he know any of the victims.
We appreciate all the calls and emails.
Best, Colleen

Monday, April 09, 2007

Garrett and His Brother

Egg Hunting Olympics

I believe Claudia trains all year for the Easter egg hunting Olympics.