Sunday, August 07, 2005

Diving Diva

I got pretty far writing this post and then Garrett touched the mouse. I have no idea where it went.

We had a hectic weekend with a birthday party and our one bathroom situation. Claudia is quite happy showering in the master bath. We may have to kick her out when the leak is fixed.

Claudia began diving on her own this weekend. She said she just figured it out. She and her friends at the pool birthday really put those diving boards to use.

On the Garrett side, he had a huge fight with his best friend and there was a great deal of drama. Although Garrett swore they could never be friends again, they worked it out in roughly 20 minutes.

And if people thought Garrett was overreacting, they should have seen Arthur Sunday night when he couldn't get his stereo to work. NOT pleasant. Turns out someone hit the mute button (who knew stereos had mute buttons!). Who knows who did that. Could it be the boy who touched my mouse. Hmmmmm. He does regularly scale the entertainment center for well... entertainment.

Then Arthur accidently let Alice/Kitty/Muffin out. I suggested he call it a night at that point. She had a grand night out (I saw her briefly harassing toads on the driveway in the dark) and returned this morning. That's more than Andrew did.

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