Thursday, July 28, 2005

Feeling Crabby? Beach Tour--Day 6

Here's a sand crab the kids have been digging for. It is a lot cooler today and not as hazy. Perfect day for the beach if you like the beach. Andrew told me earlier this week that I am not "beach people." And he is right. Enough of this beach stuff. There is so much to do here beside go to the beach.

Today Garrett went fishing for the first time with the fishing pole he got for his birthday. He went down to Bob's Bait and Tackle in Duck. Bob suggested fishing with shrimp at the Southern Shores Marina. It worked out just fine. Garrett "caught" two little crabs. One of the boys there crabbing tried to help Garrett land the one crab but Garrett pulled it in too quickly. Garrett keeps correcting me that he didn't catch the crab--he just fed it some shrimp.

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