Monday, May 16, 2005

Tadpoles R Us

We have more tadpoles than we know what to do with. It all began with a leisurely walk past a puddle in the neighborhood. We discovered frog eggs (well, actually they were toad eggs as Claudia's teacher soon explained the difference to us--frog is a clutter, toads in a strand)in the puddle. The kids went back with Art and the wagon--and came home with two containers of toad eggs.

Claudia took some to school, which her class is enjoying raising. We kept the others at home. Tomorrow we take them in to share them with Garrett's class for the week. He took them for show-n-tell on Thursday, which caused some pain and heartache. One mom pulled me aside and said. My son begged me to call you last night and find out where you got the tadpoles. We will be giving that angst-ridden boy some 'poles this week. We've got so many they will soon outgrow their Frog Planet plastic container.

Tonight we run to Petco for a container for the snake. More on that later.

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