Thursday, June 17, 2004

Some Many Cicadas, So Little Time

The cicadas are still around but barely. Garrett still manages to find a live one to “torture” each day. I don’t think he believes he is torturing them, but I know that they would prefer to die in peace. Last night he smuggled one into the house. We were watching TV before they went up to bed and suddenly Arthur said, “Garrett, if you have a cicada, you better take it outside right now.” There were a few tears, but Garrett relented. He is always proclaiming his love for these creatures.

Memorial weekend Andrew managed to catch a baby black snake. We immediately ran out to Petsmart to buy a home for the critter. The whole time we were at Petsmart Garrett or Andrew was asking me if the snake could be his. Our enthusiasm waned when we discovered that the black snake lives on baby rodents and probably wouldn’t eat crickets. Still Garrett loved him. When it came time for Andrew to return to Richmond (where he is living for the summer), he tried to get the snake in its new plastic container into his car, but Garrett wouldn’t have any of it. There were many tears and arguments over whom the snake really belonged to. Andrew did catch it, but I stayed out of it. Finally Andrew left empty handed. I don’t know how, but Arthur convince Garrett to set the snake free (because his mom was probably looking for him). I had no intention of buying him frozen baby rodents to feed the snake. The fish is still more our speed.

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